Contestant Regulations

  • Contestants must be of Puerto Rican heritage regardless of place of birth. One parent must be of Puerto Rican descent.
  • Contestants must be between the ages of 18 to 25 years old at the time of filling out the application.
  • No fee is required to apply to participate in the Cultural Pageant. Once an applicant has been confirmed as an official contestant, the applicant will be required to submit a $200.00 non-refundable processing fee at their first official meeting with Pageant Organizers.
  • Applicants must have never been married or pregnant or given birth to a child, must reside in the State of Florida and be able to produce appropriate documentation regarding proof of age
  • Contestants must be able to clearly represent the Puerto Rican culture and heritage as the representative of the Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. at various events and activities during the year.
  • Contestants of the Cultural Pageant will be judged in 5 categories:
      1. Interview
      2. Cultural Attire
      3. Talent
      4. Evening Gown and
      5. Final Question
  • Contestants are responsible for their required wardrobe for each segment. Each contestant is encouraged to solicit sponsors. Each contestant is allowed one assistant backstage during the pageant. The Miss Florida Puerto Rican Parade Cultural Pageant is not responsible for the contestant’s personal belongings.
  • The Pageant application, rules and regulations affidavit must be completed and returned before a deadline that is still to be determined. Two photos of the contestant must accompany the application. One photo should be a head shot and the other a full length photo.
  • The photos may be used in the pageant journal and website and should show contestants at their best.
  • The Queen will reign for one year.
  • The producers, promoters and sponsors of the pageant will not be held accountable for any sickness or other occurrences to the Queen or her party during the duration of the contest.

Time Constraints

  • Depending on the number of contestants, each will only be allowed 3 minutes (No Exceptions To This Rule) maximum for the presentation and talent categories.
  • The contestants will notify the pageant coordinators of any special technical requirements three weeks prior to the event. The pageant will do its best to accommodate the technical requirements. Contestants will not be allowed to have any on-stage accompaniment during the talent segment – this is a solo performance.

Workshop and Pageant Rehearsals

  • Contestants must conduct themselves in a proper manner and high morals standards. All contestants are required to participate in rehearsal/workshops as scheduled.
  • All contestants must walk the same stage strips.
  • Contestants will not be permitted the use of alcohol, smoke, drugs or the use of profanity language at any time. Contestants guilty of any of these rules will be immediately dismissed.


  • All judges will be selected by the Coordinators of the pageant. Judges will be eminent respected members of the Puerto Rican community. Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. reserves the right to appoint all judges.
  • The decision of the judges is final. Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. will not be responsible for the decision of the judges.
  • Judges will be strategically seated in order to accurately judge the contestants.
  • Judges must be present from the beginning of the program to the end.
  • Judges may not discuss contestants during the contest or speak with any member of the audience.
  • Another designated person will tally the scores that will then be announced.


Overall Presentation – 15%

Criteria for scoring the presentation include;

  • The overall representation of your parents hometown and yourself to the audience.
  • Personality and stage performance.
  • Pose, charm, grace and sense of confidence.
  • Contestants should wear any form of cultural attire that reflects their hometowns and culture.

Talent – 20%

The talent competition distinguishes the contestant’s skills and personality, interpretive ability, technical skill level, stage performance and the computation of all elements; e.g. costume, props, voice, use of body and choreography.

  • Contestants will perform a maximum of three minutes for talent and for presentation. Talents may include but are not limited to, singing, cultural dance, tap, ballet, gymnastics, instrumentals, skit, drama, poems, comedian, etc. (neither Lip sync, nor dance hall dancing are allowed).

Interview – 25%

Evening Wear – 15%

Criteria for judging the evening wear competition include overall first impression, sense of confidence, personality and stage performance, technique, poise, charm, detail and style of eveningwear and the way it drapes on the contestant, beauty and a sense of attractiveness should be displayed.

Final Question/Answers – 25%

Criteria for judging the answers to the questions are; first impression, poise, alertness confidence and responses.