Are you a Census partner organization staff member who serves Hispanic, Latino/Latina Populations in the local area?

The U.S. Census Bureau is seeking Hispanic, Latino/Latina community members to participate in a focus group.

We are contacting you to request your assistance with recruiting members of the Hispanic, Latino/Latina community by reaching out to them through your organization and its network. The focus groups are part of a study to learn more about community members’ opinions about the census.

The focus groups are 90 minutes long and will take place virtually over the Microsoft Teams platform. Participants will be paid $75 as a thank you for their time. Only community members who fit our recruitment criteria are eligible to participate.

The focus group sessions will take place between 3-4 weeks after participants complete and qualify during the initial screener. The Census Bureau will also offer a technology check to ensure that selected participants can access Microsoft Teams through a computer or telephone.

Please send the attached advertisement to your network and print/post them at your organization, if space is available. Ask interested community members to determine their eligibility by completing a short questionnaire at, or contact Kevin at (301) 763-4979 or for further information.

Please ask them to mention the code MOBILE when they call or email. If they are unable to reach Kevin, please ask them to leave their name, phone number, and the best times to reach them.





Thank You,


Community Partnership and Engagement Program, Field Division

U.S. Census Bureau

o: 301-763-4949  |  @uscensusbureau