Agreement - Parade Rules for Participation & Release Form


I hereby acknowledge that I have read the rules and regulations of the Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc.

I will obey the rules and regulations as specified.

I understand that the parade or its designee may expel any participant on the day of the parade for cause, including but not limited to failure to follow the directions/instructions of parade staff.

I understand that if our participation should be canceled due to violations of the parade directives, the parade shall not return our fees paid.

Release Form

I hereby grant permission to the Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc and those authorized by the Parade to interview, secure media statements, design printed materials (including social media websites), photographs, film, videotape, audio record or use other means of capturing my image or voice, my group’s image, voice and statements for all Parade related events, activities and promotions.

Parade Rules for Participation

1.The applicant must submit list (names and contact information) of all its participants in the parade.

2. The completed application must be received by April 19, 2024 to be reviewed by the committee.

All participants must promote Puerto Rican heritage, culture and pride. Groups that do not reflect the culture may not be allowed to participate in the parade.

4. It is expected that all groups reflect public decency and respect for moral values at all times. All participants must refrain from the use of profane or offensive language, symbols or gestures.

During the Parade every group must display a banner in front of them. The banner is to be visible and should be carried by persons. 

6. Only registered organizations (FLPRP) will be allowed to participate. NO third-party organizations are allowed to participate with organizations that have registered.

7. A maximum of 100 participants will be allowed in each organization. The only exceptions are for marching bands and folkloric groups.

8. Do not include symbols or writing on any Puerto Rican flag displayed during the parade. The use of the Puerto Rican flag to decorate a vehicle or float must be done in a respectable and dignified manner.

9. All participants in the parade must respect and adhere to the instructions of the parade marshals/coordinators.

10. Expulsion of any organization/individual may occur on the day of the parade and festival if rules are not followed. Throwing of items from floats/vehicles to the parade route crowd is not permitted. Individuals walking the parade route may hand out candy, toys, souvenirs or other items if desired.

The fee must be payable in Pay Pal, money order or bank check to; Florida Puerto Rican Parade Inc.

FLPRP reserves the right to accept or reject any application received.

All floats and vehicles must have the required insurance coverage and comply with city, county and state regulations.

FLPRP is a not-for-profit organization. As such, it is guided by the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. Among those regulations is the limitations imposed on political activities. FLPRP is required to remind all parade and festival participants that it does not participate or endorse any type of political activities.

It is important to make the parade and festival a safe environment for participants, attendees and families. Therefore, FLPRP will adhere to safety measures consistent with CDC, City, County, State and Federal guidelines.