Scholarships Fund Program 2023

The Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. (FLPRP), is a 501 © (3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2016 to promote the Puerto Rican community culture, values, heritage, and contributions to the State of Florida. The Scholarships Fund Program Committee was created to identify and provide financial support to students entering or already in a college institution. It is the goal of FLPRP to offer scholarships to qualified students each year based upon financial need, scholastic merit, leadership, achievements, and other factors.

Generous contributors from; Corporate and Business entities, Community Organizations and individuals help raise scholarship funding to assist students to reach their educational goals. We look forward to an ever-expanding list of partners that will support this program for many years to come.

Send the Application and required documents to


 Candidates must:

  • Demonstrate potential for academic and leadership success within the community
  • Indicate extracurricular activities including but not limited to sports and community activities
  • Show academic performance (minimum unweighted 3.0-grade point average)
  • Be high school seniors, GED recipients or currently attending college, technical college or university in Florida
  • Plan to enroll in a full-time accredited college or university;
  • Complete a 1,000-word essay in Spanish or English in one of the following prompts:
  1. En esta economía poco próspera, los puertorriqueños han tenido que reinventar la manera de mantener a sus familias y algunos han empezado sus propias microempresas caseras o móviles.  Esto ha fomentado el ingenio y la creatividad de los nuevos empresarios para ofrecer productos y servicios a su comunidad. ¿Cuáles serían las soluciones para que los puertorriqueños de pequeñas empresas puedan ser exitosos en un mercado donde los beneficios económicos son dirigidos hacia las grandes empresas?

In this changing economy, Puerto Ricans have had to reinvent how they support their families and have started their own home or mobile micro-businesses. This has fostered the ingenuity and creativity of new entrepreneurs to offer products and services to their community. What solutions would ensure that Puerto Ricans with small businesses could be successful in a market where the economic benefits are directed towards large companies?

2. A medida que los jóvenes exigen más oportunidades y soluciones más justas, equitativas y progresivas en sus sociedades, se necesita abordar con urgencia los desafíos a los que este sector poblacional se enfrenta (el acceso a la educación, la salud, el empleo y la igualdad de género). Los jóvenes pueden ser una fuerza positiva para el desarrollo cuando se les brinda el conocimiento y las oportunidades que necesitan para prosperar.

¿Qué problemas puedes encontrar al comenzar un negocio en el siglo veintiuno?

As young people demand more opportunities and more just, equitable and progressive solutions in their societies, it is urgently necessary to address the challenges that this sector of the population faces (access to education, health, employment and equality gender). Young people can be a positive force for development when they are given the knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive. What are some obstacles you may find starting a business in the twenty-first century?

  1. El trabajo remoto ha crecido durante los últimos años, ya sea por problemas de infraestructura, la pandemia o creación de microempresas caseras.  ¿Cuáles son las ventajas y las desventajas del trabajo remoto para la economía? ¿Cómo ha afectado el trabajo remoto la dinámica social y familiar?

Remote work has increased in recent years, whether due to infrastructure problems, the pandemic, or the creation of home micro-businesses. What are the advantages and disadvantages of remote work for the economy? How has remote work affected social and family dynamics?

  1. Los jóvenes son reconocidos como agentes de cambio, encargados de explotar su propio potencial y asegurar un mundo apropiado para las generaciones futuras. Como emprendedor(a) presenta soluciones originales de ¿cómo sostener el crecimiento económico, cómo disminuir el desempleo y mantener la inflación bajo control?

Young people generally are recognized as agents of change, responsible for exploiting their potential and ensuring a world fit for future generations. As an entrepreneur, develop and present original solutions on how to sustain economic growth, how to reduce unemployment and what will be a way to keep inflation under control?

  1. ¿De qué manera puede la comunidad puertorriqueña contribuir en las decisiones legislativas que apoyen las oportunidades de negocios y el crecimiento económico de la Florida a nivel local y a nivel estatal?

How can the Puerto Rican community contribute to legislative decisions that support business opportunities and economic growth in Florida at the local and state level?


Please Note: In addition to individuals not meeting the above criteria, the following individuals and members of their immediate families are ineligible for the awards:

  • Relatives of FLPRP Board
  • Relatives or employees of any partner, sponsors, or affiliates of sponsors.


Qualified candidates may apply until March 3rd 2023. Candidates must complete the application form and all of its components before the deadline. Deadline extensions and incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be disqualified.


Candidates are responsible for gathering and submitting all required information. This is a competitive program. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the information supplied. Applications are to be returned to the email provided in our website scholarship link.

·   Scholarships awards recipients are not eligible to repeat in future years.


Applicants will be evaluated on their academic and leadership qualities in school, workplace, and community. Semifinalists will be notified by email and phone call. This is a competitive program and all applicants will not be selected as semifinalists and not all semi-finalists will receive a scholarship.

Semifinalists will be required to submit the following documents within 7 days of notification of their selection:

  • The current complete transcript of high school, college, or university grades;
  • Nomination form completed by a teacher or academic counselor, or a high school principal.
  • For college students – professor or counselor can complete the nomination


  • Awards will be granted each year
  • Awards will not exceed $2,000 each year
  • Awards are for undergraduate and graduate studies and may be used for education-related expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, and board.
  • Recipients are responsible for taxes that may be assessed against the scholarship award. Applicants should consult a tax advisor or IRS Publication 970 for more guidance.


  • Checks will be issued at the Puerto Rican Parade Gala/Scholarships awards presentation.
  • Checks are made payable to the student.


  • Recipients must submit a completed Scholarship Acceptance Form before checks are processed.
  • Recipients are required to notify FLPRP of any change in address, school enrollment or other relevant information and to send a complete transcript when requested.
  • Recipients will be invited to attend the gala/scholarship awards ceremony; guests are welcome at a discounted cost.
  • Recipients must enroll as full or part-time undergraduate or graduate student and continue for the entire academic year without interruption unless approved by the FLPRP.


FLPRP reserves the right to review the conditions and procedures of this scholarship program and to make changes at any time, including termination of the program.

Letters of appreciation

Good afternoon! I wanted to Thank you for the great honor of choosing me to receive the award and scholarship of the Florida Puerto Rican Parade and the Roberto Clemente Foundation with Bank of America. I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude and happiness in receiving the award at the Gala of the Parade, where I have been participating since it opened and where it is a privilege of participating alongside the Board and the Community. I will have all of you in my thoughts and close to my heart when I graduate in a few weeks from Orlando Science High School and at the same time complete my first year of Early College Admission at UCF, as I continue my studies in Medicine as a future Neurologist. 

Thank you very much for this Magnificent Award and Scholarship. I cannot believe that I was chosen to receive this amazing honor. It is something that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.