April 26, 2025


The Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Festival and related activities were established to promote the Puerto Rican community culture, heritage, values and its contributions to the State of Florida.

It is our goal to promote the achievements made by Puerto Ricans in Business, Health, Music, Science, Sports, Arts and Government. Puerto Ricans from throughout Florida cities and surrounding states are encouraged to attend. Friends and families of participants and spectators are invited to join in this annual celebration which has become a milestone event for families from across the region and Puerto Rico to get together.

The 2024 the parade and festival will be held on April 27, 2024 in downtown
Orlando and is preceded by a week of multiple activities. dedicated to the Municipality of Juncos “La Ciudad del Valenciano” and the theme of the parade is “Civic Engagement and Responsibilities” that include; registering to vote, voting in elections, volunteering in community organizations, serving in statutory boards and committees, participating in government politics, and holding public office. It also includes; obeying the laws, serving on juries or as witnesses in court.